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Master configuration file for setting various compile-time options. More...

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#define VOROPP_VERBOSE   0


const int voro::init_vertices =256
const int voro::init_vertex_order =64
const int voro::init_3_vertices =256
const int voro::init_n_vertices =8
const int voro::init_marginal =64
const int voro::init_delete_size =256
const int voro::init_delete2_size =256
const int voro::init_wall_size =32
const int voro::init_ordering_size =4096
const int voro::init_chunk_size =256
const int voro::max_vertices =16777216
const int voro::max_vertex_order =2048
const int voro::max_n_vertices =16777216
const int voro::max_marginal =16777216
const int voro::max_delete_size =16777216
const int voro::max_delete2_size =16777216
const int voro::max_particle_memory =16777216
const int voro::max_wall_size =2048
const int voro::max_ordering_size =67108864
const int voro::max_chunk_size =65536
const int voro::pre_container_chunk_size =1024
const double voro::tolerance =1e-11
const double voro::tolerance2 =2e-11
const double voro::tolerance_sq =tolerance*tolerance
const double voro::large_number =1e30
const double voro::default_radius =0.5
const int voro::max_unit_voro_shells =10
const double voro::optimal_particles =5.6

Macro Definition Documentation


Voro++ returns this status code if it could not interpret the command line arguments passed to the command line utility.

Definition at line 123 of file config.hh.


Voro++ returns this status code if there is a file-related error, such as not being able to open file.

Definition at line 109 of file config.hh.


Voro++ returns this status code if there is any type of internal error, if it detects that representation of the Voronoi cell is inconsistent. This status code will generally indicate a bug, and the developer should be contacted.

Definition at line 119 of file config.hh.


Voro++ returns this status code if there is a memory allocation error, if one of the safe memory limits is exceeded.

Definition at line 113 of file config.hh.


If this is set to 1, then the code reports any instances of particles being put outside of the container geometry.

Definition at line 105 of file config.hh.

#define VOROPP_VERBOSE   0

Voro++ can print a number of different status and debugging messages to notify the user of special behavior, and this macro sets the amount which are displayed. At level 0, no messages are printed. At level 1, messages about unusual cases during cell construction are printed, such as when the plane routine bails out due to floating point problems. At level 2, general messages about memory expansion are printed. At level 3, technical details about memory management are printed.

Definition at line 73 of file config.hh.